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40 MILLION eyewear are being created by master hands who closely follow the world fashion, with a philosophy of has been brought together of an unique design by feminine lines with blending aesthetics and technology.

The frames are being produced from Japanese titanium, used as a basic design material, are being attained a more elite and soft appearance by applying 18K or 24K gold covering to a jeweler's fine workmanship. 40 MILLION eyewear, combining transparency and metal in the hands of craftsmen, add color to the lives of the users of different corners of the world with their rich model and color choices.

40 MILLION eyewear offer high wearing comfort and ergonomic comfort, while protecting your eyes from harmful effects and ultraviolet rays at the highest level. At the same time, a large part of the 40 MILLION eyewear, stylish and elegant accessory, will surely find unique designs to complement your work clothes or evening outfits, as well as fashionable models for everyday use in its renovated creations.

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